Funny money in Ogallala

Banks and law enforcement in Ogallala are reporting multiple incidents of funny money circulating through businesses. According to Ogallala Police Chief David Kling, the police department has taken at least 3 reports from different banks of counterfeit one $100 bills being circulated through local businesses. Kling says the bills have a hologram of Abraham Lincoln, instead of Benjamin Franklin, and the security strip is that of a five-dollar-bill. He also says the suspect, or suspects, either bleached or washed a five dollar bill and printed over it to make it look like a one-hundred-dollar bill.
These particular fake bills are even passing the “pen test”, a test used by businesses to determine the authenticity of U.S. currency, due to the fact that they are actual bills, just not the appropriate denomination. Law enforcement is reminding businesses and individuals to stay vigilant by properly inspecting large bills and reporting any suspicious bills or activity to your local law enforcement.
Thanks to Josh Mackey of KOGA Ogallala

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