For Sanford, business as usual, no resignation

Apparently Governor Mark Sanford has no immediate plans to resign, even after his announcement that he had a relationship with a woman in Argentina. He opened today’s cabinet meeting(which began around 12:45pm) with an apology to his staff, then it was business as usual. 
Sanford has told some reporters that he would not resign.
The special cabinet meeting this afternoon was his first planned appearance since Wednesday’s announcement about the extramarrital affair.   He spent Thursday on Sullivan’s Island with his family.
He specificially named SLED Director Reggie Lloyd in the apology, because Sanford used a SLED vehicle during his trip.  He also mentioned Commerce Director Joe Taylor, for it was on a Commerce Department trip that Sanford says he had dinner with the  woman in Argentina. 
After the apology the cabinet moved immediately onto business as usual, talking about the state’s stimulus money.
First lady Jenny Sanford says she’s focusing on her sons, and is leaving the governor to deal with his career.
Lexington County Republican Senator Jake Knotts is calling for Sanford to resign, and for him to be investigated by state authorities and a Senate panel if he doesn’t.  Democratic Reprepresentaive Boyd Brown of  Winnsboro is pushing for a grand jury investigation into Sanford’s actions.   Republican National Committee member Glenn McCall also says Sanford should resign.

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