First Lady Sanford: I've known since January

In an exclusive interview with the Associated Press, First Lady Jenny Sanford released she has known about her husband’s affair since January.
Sanford FamilyMrs. Sanford says she found a letter to the Governor Mark Sanford from his mistress, Maria Chapur of Argentina. Immediately after the First Lady found the letter, she said she told Sanford to end the affair and she was shocked when she found out he was in Argentina the past week. Mrs. Sanford was under the impression the governor was somewhere, out of state, writing a book, but she was misinformed. In the interview, she made references to her boys’ report cards, as she explained her worries about their state of mind.
Right now, she is most concerned with her four boys and how they are affected by the scandal. She says she plans to take them out of the state for the weekend to take some time away.

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