Carroll Campbell's son, Michael, reacts to Sanford

Prior to his weekly cabinet meeting, Governor Mark Sanford took the opportunity to apologize to cabinet members for his indiscretions. Along with the usual suspects, there were other state notables on hand to hear the governor as well. One of those was former governor Carrol Campbell’s son, Michael Campbell. Campbell said he was present as a concerned citizen and a friend of the Sanford family. He also said that amid all of this controversy, the state still needs to be lead.
“I’m here really more in support of the state, so to speak,” said Campbell when asked if he was present in support of Sanford. “I wanted to hear what he had to say and I think he took a major step forward of getting back to the business of the state which is something that seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle the last few days. While this frenzy is going on, there is still work to be done at the state and it still needs to be lead. That doesn’t wait on anything.”
Campbell was careful as not to judge Sanford and his personal life.  Instead, he was concerned that the state had been left unattended while Sanford travelled abroad.  “As governor, you cannot let that happen. No matter how this ends up playing out, I think he learned a valuable lesson.
“You CANNOT, as governor, ever lose communication with your staff. You always have to be in constant communication because we don’t have the luxary of dictating when emergencies occur,” he said.
Campbell did say he does support the governor remaining in office and is opposed to a resignation. “I don’t think he should resign at this time,” stated Campbell.
“I think the best thing for him to do is–if there are more facts about this, you know, if there are some serious infringements or violations of the law that have taken place, that’s a different matter–but, as far as the infidelity issue, he took accountability for it. It’s now a matter between he, his wife, and his children. Whatever resolution they come up with as a family is what is going to be best for them.”
In 2006, Campbell ran for Lt. Governor and lost to Andre Bauer in a run-off. He did not comment on any future plans to run for public office.

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