Bauer: I tried to disappear

Lt. Governor Andre BauerLt. Governor Andre Bauer is next in line to become governor if Governor Mark Sanford were to step down. Bauer spoke with the governor on Thursday, but did not speak of Sanford resigning. Bauer says he feels for the Sanford family.
“They can’t walk out of the front or back door of their house without being on TV, and the strain it’s putting on the Sanford kids, I think is the worst thing of all. So, Mark Sanford has got to do some real soul-searching as to how he puts his life back together with his family,” says Bauer.
Bauer says this the “Sanford Scandal” has nothing to do with him.
“I have made it very clear, I went dark. The minute Mark Sanford had the press conference I tried to disappear, and since then, I have tried to stay in my house and let Mark Sanford explain himself and not Andre Bauer because I do not want to mislead anybody,” says Bauer.
Bauer says he will try and help the governor the next year and a half of Sanford’s term as governor.
“True leaders emerge in difficult situations and he may be able to resurrect by himself and come back and be the best governor this state’s ever seen. I think he’s gonna have a long, hard road to prove that, but I’m not saying it can’t be done,” says Bauer.
Bauer is expected to run in the 2010 gubernatorial race, but has not formally announced it.

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