Bad economy means farewell to Fido?

Economic times are tough for many Nebraskans, but some families are seeing such hardship, they’re being forced to take their dogs, cats or other pets to an animal shelter as they can no longer afford to feed them. Humane Society spokeswoman Lori Hagey says some shelters are seeing only a modest impact from the recession.

“It’s a really amazing thing — the last thing people want to give up are their pets,” Hagey says. “We’ve seen some of that, people who are moving and can’t keep their animals.” She says the shelters across Nebraska are able to place dozens or hundreds of pets per month in new, loving homes.

Earlier this year, Hagey says they hit a surprising benchmark. She says February was a record month for adoptions. Hagey says, “Maybe people are thinking about being closer to home and having entertainment from their new dog or cat.”

The non-profit agency gets no city or state funding and survives only on donations. She says the shelter is sometimes the last stop and the only stop for people who have to surrender their pets so they can find new homes instead of risking being put to sleep.

There are several Humane Society shelters in Nebraska, including: Omaha, Grand Island, Kearney, Scottsbluff, Lincoln, McCook and Wayne.

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