State and nation react to Gov. Sanford's admission

Overnight reaction to Gov. Mark Sanford’s admission of infidelity has been that of shock, concern and calls for his resignation as governor of the state.
Longtime Sanford friend and national pundit Joe Scarborough simply said, “I’m baffled.”
On the national level, Sanford opponents point to his call for then President Bill Clinton to step down as president after his admission of an affair.State leaders are more concerned with the possible void in power — when the governor could not be reached for six days-while he was in Argentina.
Starting with the revelation of Gov. Sanford’s being on a trip to Argentina instead of on an Appalachian Trail hike (as stated by his staff), Lexington Senator Jake Knotts appeared on a series of national news shows. Knotts then accused Sanford and his office of “lies, lies, lies.”
State Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler (R-Cherokee) says, “I’m deeply disturbed that NO ONE [sic] knew where Governor Sanford was over the last five days. He left the country and deliberately made himself unavailable without delegating power to the Lt. Governor. In the process he misled his staff who unknowingly misled the public. These actions could have had drastic consequences in the case of an emergency. We cannot let the Governor’s personal life overshadow his public responsibility, or in this case, his negligence of gubernatorial authority.”
The State newspaper has published an email trail of the governor’s affair with a woman in Argentina, known as Maria. The state did not publish her full name and exact address.

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