More reactions from the GOP on the governor

Former Chair Katon Dawson

Reactions to Governor Mark Sanford’s press conference yesterday where he admitted to an affair with a woman in Argentina continue as the current and former Chairs of the South Carolina GOP weigh in on the scandal. Former Chairman Katon Dawson, who recently stepped down after seven years, was outraged at the governor’s actions.
Dawson said he was, “Sad, disappointed, and shocked. We’re a party of personal responsibility and that is what the governor took today, but also integrity and character matters to the Republican Party. It certainly matters to us in South Carolina.”
Current chairwoman Karen Floyd was more sympathetic. “It’s premature at

Current Chair Karen Floyd

this point,” said Floyd. “We’re all receiving information as it comes in, and that’s a choice. He spoke a great deal of forgiveness and the State of South Carolina is a very understanding state.
“It will ultimately resolve itself the way it should.”

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