Davis: I was proud of Sanford

Senator Tom Davis

As Governor Mark Sanford shocked the state and nation with the news of an extramarital affair with an Argentine woman for the past year, he apologized to his family, friends, staff, and the people of South Carolina. In his Columbia press conference, holding back tears, the governor pointed out his dear friend and former Chief of Staff, Beaufort Senator Tom Davis.
“I want to apologize to good friends.  Tom Davis came over to the house, and he had been an incredibly dear friend for a very long time. In my first race for governor he moved up and he lived in the basement of our house for six months, and he gave of his time, and his talent, and his effort, and so I in a very profound way have let down the Tom Davis’ of the world,” says Sanford.
Before the press conference, Tom Davis told ABC news he spoke with the governor for over an hour.
“What we talked about was the whole notion of confession, of repentance, and then seeking forgiveness,” says Davis.
Now, the question on many South Carolinians minds is should Sanford resign as governor? Davis responds to this,   “He said in a statement that he wants to spend the remaining time in his office rebuilding his trust with the South Carolina people. And I think that South Carolinians in particular, Americans in general, have a tremendous capacity for forgiveness,” says Davis.
After the press conference, Davis reacted to what he heard.
“I was proud to see my friend stand up there and not shirk responsibility, confess his sins, acknowledge the hurt that he has caused people and has resolved to go ahead and rebuild the trust with the South Carolina people,” says Davis.

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