Sanford: It's all my fault

Governor Mark Sanford reveals where he’s been the past week, and year.
Governor Mark Sanford“Let me first apologize to my wife Jenny and our four great boys: Marshall, Landon, Bolton, and Blake,” says Sanford.
With tear-filled eyes at a Wednesday press conference, Governor Mark Sanford apologized to his family, staff and the people of South Carolina after disappearing for six days without contact, telling his staff he was on a hiking trip.
“The bottom line is this: I’ve been unfaithful to my wife,” says Sanford.
Sanford met this Argentine woman about eight years ago, and he says they became intimate nearly one year ago.
Now, the governor has resigned as Chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association and hopes to mend any broken relationships. He has already started with a spiritual one.
“God’s law is indeed there to protect you from yourself and there are consequences if you breach that, this press conference is a consequence,” says Sanford.
Sanford also reported he was in Argentina the past week to “recharge.”

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