Charleston reacts to Sanford's affair

Governor Mark Sanford

photo courtesy of William Christopher

Governor Mark Sanford shocked the stateĀ and nationĀ in a press conference in Columbia Wednesday. “The bottom line is this: I’ve been unfaithful to my wife,” says Sanford.
The governor admits to having an affair on his wife, Jenny, with a woman from Argentina. Charleston affiliate WTMA heard from listeners:
“I think he’s a creep, he’s not a hero in my book. He left his wife and kids.”
“It takes a bigger man to say, ‘hey I have errored and wondered, I’m asking for forgiveness from my family,’ this is a family matter.”
“He’s a great guy and he was my next door neighbor for three years, now is the time, and I’m just telling the listeners to understand where he is coming from.”
Governor Sanford has resigned as chair of the Republican Governor’s Association, but not as Governor. His wife and four sons are in Sullivan’s Island seeking peace.
The past week Sanford has had the state and nation on the look-out for him, as he reported to his staff he was taking a hiking trip. In reality, he spent the six days in Argentina. Sanford is now apologetic.

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