Governor takes a hike, Lt. Gov: Who's in charge?

After Governor Mark Sanford was reported missing for several days, a spokesman for Sanford says the stimulus-defeated Republican was on a hiking trip. Sanford’s spokesman Joel Sawyer sent a statement saying the governor is “somewhat taken back” by all of the publicity his “trip” has caused.
Lt. Governor Andre BauerLt. Governor Andre Bauer, the next in line to Governor Sanford, says the issue here is not about Sanford leaving town.
“I don’t have a problem with him taking a vacation, he needs it, I’m sure. He’s out there fighting for the taxpayers, running the state, got a lot of battles, and the pressure’s on, no question. I think the real issue here, like people like Senator McConnell say, ‘who’s in charge?’ When there is an imminent problem, the Constitution is not clear and if something has to be made in a quick decision, what do you do?” says Bauer.
Bauer says they have had no contact with the governor.
“SLED told us the phone was cut off because they were tracing the calls and the last call that was made was in the Atlanta area and after that the 800-megawatt radio that was in the car and the cell phone were both cut off, so he could not be traced,” says Bauer.
Bauer says this is not about Sanford’s character, it comes down to communication.
“I think Sanford’s a brilliant politician, he’ll speak eloquently, he’ll give a better understanding of where he’s been and what he’s been doing, which really isn’t any of our business, and I don’t think that’s what’s up for what the debate is. I think the debate is there just has to be a clear line of communication when you are the CEO of the size company that we are, the state of South Carolina, the governor essentially, there has to be a clear line of communication to be in touch with that governor at all times,” says Bauer.
The governor is expected to return early from his trip and will be back in his office Wednesday.

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