Governor boasts about school spending

Governor Heineman is touting his education record, saying state aid to schools has risen every year since he’s been governor. He says in some cases, they likely wanted more money but he doesn’t know of anyone or any organization that gets government money that doesn’t want more, but the state needs to find a way to balance its budget.

The governor says the state’s financial decision makers are keeping their priorities in line. “It’s one of the reasons Nebraska’s not in a fiscal crisis,” Heineman says. He notes, Nebraska’s among the few states that didn’t tell K-12 schools they’d be losing money in the middle of this past fiscal year.

He says the state’s done a better job of managing its money. The governor says he’d love to see a larger boost to schools this year but it’s just not in the cards. “There are limits as to how much we can give to each individual agency, particularly when it becomes state aid to education funding, which is absolutely critical,” Heineman says.

A recent ranking found Nebraska ranks 45th in the nation in terms of teachers’ salaries.

Thanks to Bill Oliver, KNCY, Nebraska City

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