Fighter Wing excels in war-readiness inspection

The Shaw Air Force Base 20th Fighter Wing commander, Colonel Joseph Guastella, says he and his airmen have spent the last 10 months preparing for the Operational Readiness Inspection that puts airmen in a mock war situation, testing their readiness for war.
Colonel Joseph Guastella“We have not had an inspection like this in seven years, and this demonstrates the 20th Fighter Wing’s readiness, not only to fight a combat situation out of a simulated deployed location in a current war, but also in a future war where we may save chemical or biological weapons,” says Guastella.
Saturday, the Inspector General released the results of the inspection.
“We are way ready. We got an excellent overall on the inspection, and we are deemed more than combat capable across the spectrum of the missions that we do out of Shaw Air Force Base,” says Guastella.
Guastella says he could not be happier with his Fighter Wing.
“I was ecstatic, it was a lot of work. If you could imagine, all the jets we have here, 87 jets, not to mention 2,500 airmen involved in the inspection have been working very hard, along with our normal day-to-day mission of defending the nation, and also preparing to go to our deployments in the Middle East, we had to get ready for this,” says Guastella.
The 20th Fighter Wing passed on 96 percent of the 200 flight missions in the inspection.
Guastella says the next inspection will be in about two years, but they will be tested on different components. The recent inspection was considered Phase II, where the airmen had to treat the inspection as a real war.
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Photo courtesy of Shaw Air Force Base.

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