Alledged carjacker recaptured

The Greenville County Sheriffs Office has recaptured 18-year-old Demetrius Maddox. The alleged carjacker was captured this morning after he escaped from Greenville County Detention Center officers last night at the Greenville Memorial Hospital where he was seeking treatment for a respiratory ailment.   Maddox is accused of then carjacking a vehicle, forcing a woman and her 5-year-old son out of their Chevrolet Celebrity in a parking lot, telling them he would kill them he they didn’t give up the vehicle.   Lt. Shea Smith says they received a tip from a person who saw a person out walking who matched Maddox’s description.  We found him and he was taken into custody.”
Maddox’s escape is currently under investigation. When he escaped, he was being held for kidnapping, carjacking and petit larceny on a 2008 charge.

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