Tenenbaum confirmed as chief consumer advocate

Inez  Tenenbaum, the former Superintendent of Education for South Carolina schools, was confirmed today as chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission by the U.S. Senate, after being unanimously approval by the Senate Commerce Committee.
Tenenbaum will replace acting chair Nancy Nord, who was defended by

Inez Tennenbaum

Republicans and manufacturers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, which has 430 employees and oversees approximately 15,000 products, has been criticized by consumer advocates for being too cozy with industry.
But Tenenbaum had the support of Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint. DeMint actually defeated Tenenbaum in 2004 to win his Senate seat.  Senator Graham said he’s pleased that the Senate acted quickly to confirm her.  Graham says he knows Tenenbaum and knows that she will look out for American consumers.

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