Mobile conterfeit operation busted up by Kershaw County authorities

Deputies in Kershaw County have arrested two men and a woman in connection with what investigators call a huge counterfeit ring. Authorities say they found a computer, printer, GPS units, lots of IDS and Social Security cards and a tone of counterfeit checks in a van Wednesday.
Lt. Phillip Crawford says it was no small operation.  “It was not small.  They were very good at what they were doing.  We’re more and more that they were counterfeiting all over the midlands and in the upstate.” 
Lt. Crawford says the operation was very effective and completely mobile.  “They had a laptop and printer capabilities inside the van.  There was a large number of checks, already filled out with various names.  We found birth certificates, Social Security cards, IDs.   Some were valid, some not.  It’s quite extensive.”   
34-year-old William Nicholson, 42-year-old Richard Edwards and 51-year-old Regina Matonak are facing forgery and other charges. Reports say they were caught trying to cash counterfeit checks at an IGA market.

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