Legislative week extra: Lawmakers make quick work of Governor's vetoes

Members of the General Assembly swooped into the State House Tuesday and in relatively short order, as House and Senate proceedings go, overrode Governor’s Sanford’s 10 vetoes and headed home.   
The vote was 105-4 in the House, 39-3 in the Senate to overturn the Governor’s veto of the pay day lending bill. The legislation creates a database that would be used to prohibit borrowers from taking out more than one loan at a time. Republican Senator Kevin Bryant of Anderson supported the Governor’s veto, saying that the database was a dangerous collection of personal information that could be misused. Democratic Senator Jon Land assured Bryant that the legislation was full of safeguards to prevent misuse of the database.
“There is no chance that anybody can go out there and check you out or check me out to see if we have any of these loans, nor could another lending institution do it unless the person was there and gave the authorization to do it.”
Sanford wanted the Governor’s office to retain the authority to fire members of the State Ports Authority, but he was again thwarted by the House and Senate overriding his veto of a bill to restructure the State Ports Authority which strips the Governor’s power to fire members of the authority at will. it also mandates that the members of the Ports Board have certain qualifications, experience, or expertise.
Berkeley Senator Larry Grooms doggedly pushed the measure through. “We have to grow our jobs and the way we do that is to play to our strengths, and the greatest strength that we once had was out ports authority and i want to restore that strength. I want it to be the job creator that it once was.”
Opponents of the bill, besides the Governor, say that the measure puts the senate in charge of the ports.
South Carolina has $328 million in federal stimulus funds that have already beeen distributed. The state will receive $2.8 billion in stimulus funds over the next 2 years. Still stewing from his loss in the stimulus funds battle Governor Mark Sanford issued a warning.  
“Given what we’re doing right now we’ll in fact compound the problem and make it that much worse for our kids and grand kids. Frankly we don’t have to wait that long, it’ll make it much worse for us with the tax bills we all have to pay whether at the state or federal level.”

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