Summertime brings Finlay Park to life

Finlay Park in downtown Columbia

Summertime is here and Finlay Park in Downtown Columbia is coming tolifeĀ once again and at no cost to you. Starting last Friday night, a family oriented movie night began and will continue each Friday night through August 14. The movies are free and so are the popcorn and drinks. There are fun activities prior to the movie and the movie begins after sunset. Chris Gurleck of Columbia Crossraods Downtown says this is a way to give back.
“The event is a way that we can partner with the city to provide just a fun night for families in our community,” said Gurleck. “Really, the reason that we do the whole event is to give something free back to our city and to them that that’s the way God loves us.”
Gurleck says that they have made sure the viewing experience is enjoyable. “If there is one thing we’ve done well it’s been that. So, we’ve go the screen, I want to say is 16×12, so that’s a huge screen. The sound, I think, is ample for that,” he said.
On Saturday nights beginning this week, The Summer Concert Series returns to the park with free show every week until the end of the summer. Each week features a different style of music and it is free as well.

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