Severe weather rakes SW Nebraska

Photo from listener Andrew WinneyMultiple funnel clouds, possible tornadoes, baseball-sized hail, flooding and heavy winds raked across southwest Nebraska last night. The storms began around 3:30 PM Mountain Time when a tornado warning was issued for an area near Paxton. The public reported seeing a funnel cloud.
Within minutes, multiple funnel clouds were reported and large amounts of rain began to fall. Over the next couple of hours, three to five inches of rain and hail the size of golf balls and bigger were reported in and around Sutherland. The Sutherland Fire Department started sandbagging a nursing home to keep flood waters out of the building. A report from the public said much of the Sutherland school grounds were under water. A short-lived tornado was then reported south of Sutherland, though no major damage was immediately present.
A short time later, the National Weather Service reported baseball-sized hail near Imperial. Meanwhile, the storm near Sutherland began moving east and south, continuing to spawn funnel clouds and possible tornadoes.
Reports from the public said there was standing water on Highway 30 near Sutherland, along with full ditches on each side of the highway and leftover hail up to 4 or 5 inches deep. Crop damage was extensive in western Lincoln County around Sutherland.
The storms finally started dissipating around 8pm mountain time, but not after leaving a line of damage and rain-drenched onlookers.
Thanks to Josh Mackey, KOGA, Ogallala