Union twins have perfect attendance–for 13 years

If you think it’s hard to go for 12 years of school without missing a single day, think how difficult it would be to have two students in the same household do that, twins. Stephanie Jennings and Stephen Jennings are leaving Union High School with unblemished records.Stephen says getting to school wasn’t always easy.  “On senior skip day, we wanted to skip so bad.  It was our last year, but Mama said, ‘No you’re not going to skip.  You’re going to skip right onto school.’  We thank her for keeping us on track.”
Stephanie also thanks their mother.  “She was a great help.  She worked third shift.  But she would call us, to see if we were up and ready to go to school.” 
No doubt the accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible without the persistence of Rose Jennings. She has this advice.   “Don’t let your kids tell you what they want to do.  Even though they say they don’t feel good.  Give them some medicine and tell them that if they don’t feel good after they get to school to call you and you’ll get them.  But don’t let them lay out just because they have a headache.  They’ll take advantage of that.” 
Stephen has two schlorships to study music at Limestone College. He already plays piano and organ for Sunday services for several churches, and played tuba in the high school band. Stephanie will study secondary education, beginning at USC-Union.
Lakewood High School Senior Dwayne Geddings won a car–a Chevrolet Cobalt Sedan–for his perfect attendance. The car giveaway, called the Drive for Perfection, was started last year by Midlands Chevy dealers. 72 South Carolina seniors who had perfect attendance this year competed in the drawing.

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