Late term abortions in NE make Att'y Gen "sick"

Late term abortions are going to be offered in Nebraska, which state Attorney General Jon Bruning says makes him ill.

“It’s horrible — it just makes me sick to my stomach,” Bruning says. “You’ve got parents all over the state that would do anything, many of them are unable to have kids, would do anything to have kids or to adopt a child, and you’ve got LeRoy Carhart here, broadcasting his machinery of death.”

Dr. LeRoy Carhart plans to offer third-trimester abortions temporarily in his Bellevue clinic. Attorney General Bruning says “loopholes” in the landmark Roe v. Wade decision make it possible.

“When you’re talking about the health of the mother, that can be an exception you can drive a truck through,” Bruning says. “If the young girl looks at Carhart and says, ‘I’m going to be depressed if my social life is cramped by a child,’ and LeRoy says, ‘Well, that’s your health and I don’t want you to be depressed,’ and so they abort an eight-month fetus.”

Dr. Carhart says he’ll offer the late-term abortions because of the closure of Dr. George Tiller’s clinic in Kansas after his shooting death May 31st.

Thanks to Kevin Thomas, KLIN, Lincoln