DeMint: Sotomayor's confirmation hearing is rushed

Some members of the Republican party are not happy with the timetable for Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing.
U.S. Senator Jim DeMintU.S. Senator Jim DeMint, Republican, says the they should take more time on Sotomayor because she has been a part of over 3,000 decisions in which they have to consider before confirmation. DeMint has his own concerns.
“I had a chance to meet the judge. She is a very nice lady, very friendly, and I enjoyed meeting with her. She didn’t answer any of my questions to any satisfaction at all on Bill of Rights issues or life issues, and there’s no reason to rush her through,” says DeMint.
GOP members of Congress, including DeMint, are saying the July 13 hearing is not enough time for them to examine Sotomayor’s record.
“Every day we find new things that she’s said or decided and even though the Democrats are going to push her through, it’s important that this be an open process so that Americans at least know how this works. The vacancy doesn’t occur until October, so even if we do the hearings and finish it after our August break in September, then there will be plenty of time for her to take her seat and start the next session,” says DeMint.
As for Sotomayor’s confirmation being defeated:
“I don’t think so, pretty much all of the Democrats have said they are going to support her even without looking at her record. There will be a few Republicans probably that will definitely do it. The only thing that will derail it is if they try to push it through too fast and the Republicans who would vote for it, would just get mad because of the rush,” says DeMint.
Democratic Committee Chairman Pat Leahy says there’s no reason to delay confirmation of a well-qualified nominee.
Photo of DeMint from “The Right Perspective”

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