Climatologist warns not to waste water

State Climatologist Hope Mizzell says even though no part of South Carolina is now under a drought classification, no one should be wasting water.  Mizzell announced last week that for the first time since August of 2006, no area of the state is under a drought declaration, thanks to increased rainfall over the last six months.
Mizzell says the region is still dealing with long-term drought affects and some of the state’s water reservoirs remain below full-pool.  “So we’re encouraging residents of the Northwest area of the state, in the Upstate, to continue to voluntarily conserve, because several of those upper level reservoirs remain below full-pool.  And if we’ve learned anything over the years in dealing with drought it’s that no one should be wasting water.  It’s an essential resource.  We’re vulnerable to drought and we can run out of water.”
Mizzel says there are important conservation measures that people should remember this time of year.  “We see folks water lawns three or four times as much as it really needs.  If your lawn gets an inch a week, it’s fine, especially if we’re getting rainfall.”
Also, check your house for leaks. Just dripping faucets or a toilet that fills to much can really add to your water bill over time and cumulatively put a drain on the source. Check under your house for dripping pipes.
The Drought Response Committee has removed all 19 Upstate counties from the drought list. The drought declaration was lifted for 27 other counties in April.

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