Tea Party in Orangeburg Sunday

This Sunday is Flag Day and protesters will take the opportunity to gather at the Orangeburg County Fairgrounds for another “Tea Party”. According to Lt. Governor candidate Bill Connor, these ‘tea parties’ are a grassroots movement where people who are fed up with government spending can show their displeasure. Connor will speak at Sunday’s event.  Governor Mark Sanford, Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, and Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint have been invited to attend. Connor says this is a bi-partisan event.

Bill Connor

Bill Connor

“It is not a Republican-sponsored event,” says Connor. “It is an event of people that want to see our government move back to its constitutional limitations. In particular, the concern is the amount of money that is being pulled into the Federal Government that will eventually mean taxes and all of the debt we’re bringing to our children is way beyond what our founders ever intended.”
Connor says the “tea parties” are bringing people together that believe in the core values of the republican party. “I do believe that there is a strong group in the Republican Party, including myself, who believe the Republican Party lost in 2006 and, of course 2008, because it didn’t show adherence to its core principles which really is small government.
“Now whether someone agrees or disagrees, historically the difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties, at least on the fiscal end, has been that Republicans believe, quite frankly, in lower taxes and smaller government.”
He says he feels confident this movement will continue to grow nationally. According to Connor, “I think what you’re seeing right now is a whole bunch of…I don’t how many are planned for the Fourth of July but I’m speaking at two of them…and I know Myrtle Beach is holding one and they’re being held throughout the state and throughout the nation[sic].
“The initial sort of national media synopsis was that this is a fringe movement, that it’s going to go away, and my opinion after being a part of it is that these are not fringe movements.”

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