Eloi's youtube jump grabs 'Skins' attention

As the years go by, the legend of how former Nebraska-Omaha Maverick Keith Eloi jumped his way onto the Redskins roster will grow. The fact is, Eloi is doing more than just YouTube videos to impress his coaches.

I had an intern who worked for me who now teaches in China. Jon Allison is a huge Redskins fan and he sent me an e-mail that read, “Apparently Keith Eloi was passed over in the draft and made a YouTube video of him jumping into the back of an F150 from a standing position. Redskins VP Vinny Cerrato saw him at their pro day and watched the video… and signed him,”

The fact is, if Eloi has a successful career in the NFL, it will be because of hard work and dedication. In a Washington Post article, it talks about his struggles through high school with different teams and injuries and how he tried to follow his uncle Steve Octavian to Nebraska, but wound up at D-II.

Once he got into Redskins’ camp, he never quit hustling. Enjoy the article and check out the Eloi jump.