SC graduation rate 37th in US

South Carolina’s High school graduation rates have been steadily improving over the long term, up 13 percent over the last decade, showing one of the greatest improvement rates in the country. Sixty-six percent of the state’s high school students graduated last year, slightly below the national average, according to an annual “Diplomas Count” study by Education Week.
Researcher Christopher Swanson says South Carolina’s’ rate of improvement greatly outpsaces most other states. 
Nationally, the graduation rate is 69 percent, meaning that about 3 in 10 students don’t graduate.
Swanson says South Carolina’s graduation rate ranks it 37th in the country.  “We see tremendous variation around the 69% national rate.  There are a handful of states that have rates north of 80%, but a handful of states with graduation rates less than 60%.”

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