Jobless rally message to governor: Save our jobs!

Unemployment has reached a high in the nation at 9.4 percent, but even worse in South Carolina, 11.5 percent.  Groups held rallies in various cities across the state, including North Charleston
They say they are sending a message to Governor Mark Sanford.

North Charleston Protestors

In North Charleston, participants¬†held signs reading, “South Carolina needs a real governor , ” “Don’t fire our teachers”, and “Sanford equals unemployment”, and say they are fed up with the way Governor Mark Sanford is handling job creation.
“We need you to step up to the plate Governor Sanford, and work on getting jobs, and in that process, please support the public education system because that is the system that is gonna bring people out of poverty,” says Carol Tempel.
“I’m concerned for the state of South Carolina because of the jobs for teachers, the jobs for correctional officers, and the local government,” says Mattese Lecque.
“I want a full-time job, I want a job with benefits, I don’t have health insurance. I want him to get off his butt,” says Anne Owens.
“I’ve never filed for unemployment, I’ve worked all my life. I’m just an average working class guy, and this is something I’ve never faced,” says Patrick Labbe.
Participants also to signed a petition that will be delivered to the governor’s desk. Other rallies happened at scheduled times, to end with a 5:30 p.m. event in Columbia.
At the Greenville event, fifty people met with the message that they want Governor Sanford to lead them out of the state’s job crisis. Among the guest speakers was South Carolina Teacher of the Year Bryan Coburn of Rock Hill, who says, “We’re here today to let the governor know he’s still our governor, but we need you to show the same tenacity, focus you demonstrated in your opposition to taking the stimulus funds. Only now, we need your support for education, for economic growth and for jobs.”

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