Conversion to digital TV quickly approaching

After a four month reprieve the clock is ticking once again for TV viewers who have not yet made the switch to a digital television signal.
The nationwide June 12 deadline affects those who do not have cable and have not yet bought digital converter boxes. According to the Nielson Company, this consists of over 3 million households.

If you are still watching television using over-the-air antennas, you need to buy a special digital adapter, which can convert the incoming digital signal into a feed that older televisions can understand. These adapters usually cost about $50.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act set aside $650 million to help unprepared Americans get ready for the transition. Eligible households can file for two coupons of $40 each to buy a digital converter. Anyone who applies for a coupon now will still receive it, but likely after the June 12 deadline.
The goal of the digital switch is to open up more frequencies over the airwaves, according to the Federal Communications Commission. Congress initially set a February deadline that required television stations to stop broadcasting an analog signal. The deadline was pushed to June after a massive amount of viewers applied for converter box coupons in the last week.
Special Report from Matt Long

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