Grand Strand businesses seek H.E.L.P.

The spring bike rallies along the Grand Strand have, in the past, generated a substantial amount of revenue for businesses in the area. After new laws and limitations implemented by Myrtle Beach City Council, this year, some businesses felt the effects of tourism reductions. Because of this, a new program was formed to tell these businesses: “Help is on the Way.” 


“From hearing all of the businesses and their employees over the last few bikes weeks, the lack of revenue has just been substantial. So, we in turn decided, we came up with “Help is on the Way,” and in order for us to help, we select three locations each week to patronize. A breakfast place, a lunch place, and a dinner establishment,” says Cunningham.


 “Help is on the Way,” or Help Eliminate Lowsy Politicians, spokesperson Tricia Cunningham says they want to “stir up” the Grand Strand, so they will leave flyers at each location, post information on their website, market themselves so other businesses will jump on board, and hold a petition signing for single member districts. Cunningham says they need their voice to be heard.


 “There was a lot of signs down here during bike week that said: ‘Not a Dime in 09,’ and they were discouraging people coming into the city, the city themselves were. So, they were really trying to deter people from coming into the city and we weren’t going to deal with selective tourism anymore, that’s not what we’re here for,” says Cunningham.


 But what they are there for, shines a light for the whole state to see and hear.


 “Myrtle Beach is one of the top tourists destinations in the country. It’s not our beach, it’s America’s beach. So, the state of South Carolina, the revenue that Myrtle Beach and Horry County produces is substantial, so if we lose, the state loses. So, we are encouraging everybody in the state, come visit us, come to the city, these business owners want your business, they want you in the city, they are welcoming you,” says Cunningham.


Cunningham says they will continue with these programs to help support the community at least until council elections in November. She says voting is the greatest thing someone can do to let their voice be heard, and signify that help could be on the way.