Not too soon to prepare for hurricanes

The hurricane season begins Monday and Allison Dean Love with katrina-08-26-2005-1715z2the South Carolina Insurance News Service says it’s very important for coastal residents to be most prepared.
“If you’re in the high-risk area along the beach, then you probably need an extra policy to cover your wind an hail coverage. And, did you know if you live in this area you may need as many as 7 or 8 different policies to make sure your home is protected,” says Love.
Love says South Carolina just keeps growing. In fact, she says some of the coastal counties have seen nearly a 60% increase in population, causing more homes to be built. She says in the past ten years, construction costs haven’t really gone down either.
“That’s one of the things that’s driving the cost of homeowners insurance and business insurance around the coastal area. Your insurance pays for the cost to repair, rebuild, and replace your home,” says Love.
Love says there may be ways to save that homeowners may not be aware of.
“Ask your insurance agent or company about ways you can save on insurance and the construction materials and what your home is constructed of can lead to a discount for ya,” says Love.
And for those who rent:
“People who rent think that their landlords insurance covers their personal items, and it doesn’t. So, it’s a good thing you got it and it’s really inexpensive,” says Love.
Governor Sanford will hold a series of press conferences in the near future.