Congressman Brown's take on stimulus lawsuit

Friday was the deadline for Governor Mark Sanford, Attorney General Henry McMaster, Education Superintendent Jim Rex and other school officials and students to file their arguments made in the current lawsuits over the stimulus funds that the governor has declined. In an interview with affiliate WTMA in Charleston, U.S. Congressman Henry Brown of South Carolina’s 1st District said when the stimulus bill was first introduced, it was proposed to fulfill job creation woes. Brown says he thought the bill was flawed from the start.
“The real employment component of that bill was the construction of highways, there is a pretty accurate formula for computing jobs on construction of highways, something like 30,000 new jobs to every billion dollars of road construction, but that never materialized,” says Brown.
About the outcome, Brown says he’s hopeful.
“This is gonna be amazing how it all works out, ya know, I’ve certainly had been following, of course, the dialogue between the legislature and the governor, but, ya know, that’s a state issue and I hope they resolve it,” says Brown.
Brown was just honored with the American Conservative Union Conservative Award in recognition for his principles and commitment to the state and the country. In a statement, Brown said: “This is a wonderful honor. As many of my constituents in South Carolina face daily economic challenges while worrying about our nation’s security, I am constantly striving to support legislation that supports small businesses, battles against higher taxes and wasteful government spending.”