Clyburn: Sanford hurting state

Count Sixth District Congressman James Clyburn among those that are surprised and perturbed that the fight over stimulus funds between Governor Sanford and the legislature has moved into the court system. Clyburn says he was sure that Sanford would outline his position against the stimulus money, but would ultimately follow the wishes of the people and not leave the public education system in the state hanging in the balance.
“I thought he would express his philosophy, make clear what that is, and then go on. I had no idea that he would be so myopic in his view that he would attempt to ruin an entire industry in this state.”
Clyburn has said on more than one occasion that he thought Sanford had not done one thing during his tenure as Governor to help public education in South Carolina, but he says he didn’t think the Governor would go to such lengths as to deny the funds to an already underfunded system, especially with a number of educators likely to lose their jobs.
“I knew he had some problems with public education. This guy seems to feel that the public at large are not due an education. I knew he had this kind of attitude but I had no idea it ran so deep.”
Clyburn says citizens in his district and in other parts of the state and around the country are puzzled by Sanford’s actions. “I do quite a bit of traveling in other states, and absolutely, people are looking at me wondering what is that you’ve got down there for a governor.”