Sotomayor not exactly a liberal pick

Republicans said Wednesday that they won’t try to filibuster Sonia Sotomayor’s(so-to-may-YOURS) Supreme Court nomination. Even if they did, there’s little chance they could block her confirmation as the first Hispanic justice. Democrats hold a solid majority of votes.
Conservative groups have tried to convince the public that Sotomayor is an activist who would mix ethnic and gender bias into her decisions.
U.S.C. Assistant Professor Randazzo(ran-DAZ-yo) directs the school’s Judicial Research Initiative which compiles judicial politics in the U.S. and internationally. He is also conducting research on the use of Presidential rhetoric during the Supreme Court confirmation process.
Randazzo says Sotomayor is not exactly a liberal pick. He says her voting history is about 50-50 liberal to conservative and is similar to that of Justice David Souter(SUIT-er), a Republican appointee, so it will be hard for opposition to call her liberal.  “And in addition to a basic voting record, she hasn’t ruled on any hot-button issues, like abortion.  Actually, she did rule in one abortion case, but ruled against the abortion rights claim.” 
Randazzo says Sotomayor has an interesting history. She was appointed to the U.S. District Court in New York by the first President Bush, a Republican.   “Then she was elevated to the Court of Appeals of the 2nd Circuit, being confirmed in 1998.  That nomination came through President Clinton.”