Hispanic group reacts to Sotomayor's nomination

President Obama chose federal appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor as a nominee for Supreme Court Justice Tuesday. If Sotomayor is chosen to fill the seat of retiring Justice David Souter, she would be the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. Lydia Cotton is a Hispanic community leader in North Charleston and native of Puerto Rico, like Sotomayor. She says the announcement is bitter sweet for her and other local Hispanics.
“Very happy first of all, for the position, but very concerned that they were taken as a way as an advantage for the Latino community. They do not want to look like ‘look, now we have an opportunity to get ahead in this country,’ that’s not what it’s all about,” says Cotton.
And their biggest worry:
“They don’t want to look like ‘okay, this is an opportunity for immigration,’ they really don’t want to look that way. They want to look like this is history in the making, ya know a lot of people will be attacking the judge, looking at it that way, looking for an advantage for the Latino community. We expect from her to follow the law and the Constitution,” says Cotton.
Cotton says she thinks Sotomayor will do just that, and she expects success. The Supreme Court Justice is the highest judicial seat in the United States.