Session ends with bills still waiting to pass

As the General Assembly closed it’s 2009 session, several bills are still waiting to pass. Senator Darryl Jackson of Richland County sponsored a bill that bans smoking in cars when a child is in the car that has passed the Senate but is still in the House until next year. Jackson’s aide Antoine Seawright explains.
“It passed out of the Senate and went over to the House and it was sent to the House Judiciary Committee,” said Seawright.
“(James) Harrison is over that committee so it will be there next year for session but the bill is still alive.”
Kendra’s Act, sponsored by Senator Mike Fair of Greenville County, ran into a road block when Senator Brad Hutto of Orangeburg filed a minority report. South Carolina Victim’s Council Director┬áLaura Hudson says that killed the bill until January.
“It was preceeded by payday lending, by abortion issue and by several other bills which did not get of the Senate Floor so we never got an opportunity for it to come up on contested calendar,” she said. “That means that we’ll have to wait until January to try to set it for special order, overcome his minority report, and then get it over to the House.”
Kendra’s Act looks to create a minimum sentence for child care workers who severely injure children under their care.