McConnell reacts to governor's lawsuit

Governor Mark Sanford has sued the state of South Carolina, specifically Attorney General Henry McMaster, in federal court after state lawmakers vetoed the governor’s rejection of South Carolina’s portion of the stimulus package. Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell of Charleston says the governor has gone beyond his limits.
“It’s interesting that this governor is seeking a federal judge to interpret our constitution rather than going to the State Supreme Court and getting them interpret the constitution, and that’s why I say he’s reached across the Tenth Amendment and he’s right it’s not about the stimulus funds anymore,” says McConnell.
The Tenth Amendment gives the rights to the people and/or states. McConnell says Sanford should have kept it at that and not brought the federal court into this battle.
“I don’t like judges making laws and amending constitutions. If you wanna amend the constitution then there’s a process for doing that, but to ask judges to do it, it wrong and judges have no business. I’ve said, if judges gonna make laws then they need to get the black robes off and come on out to the ballot box like the rest of us,” says McConnell.
McConnell says Sanford had other options.
“I’m really disappointed he would do this, because if he doesn’t agree with the legislature, go get a declaratory judgement from the Supreme Court, and if they say we’re wrong, we’re wrong and he’s won,” says McConnell.
Governor Sanford denied the stimulus funds because he says South Carolina will end up further in debt in the long run. State lawmakers says Sanford should have taken the money because tax payers will have to pay the money off either way, as it would go to another state if rejected.