DeMint's foreign bailout amendment rejected

In a 64-30 vote, the U.S. Senate turned down South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint’s amendment to strike the provisions relating to increased funding for the International Monetary Fund. This fund, that amounts to $108 billion that would be borrowed from China, will be used to bailout other countries.
“We don’t have this money, it’s crazy to borrow this much money and give it to other nations when we have so many needs here at home,” says DeMint.
Senator DeMint says now is the worst time to ask struggling families to bailout foreign countries. On top of that, this bill was “dovetailed” with a war-spending bill that supports U.S. troops, in which DeMint says isn’t right.
“That’s kind of legislative extortion and no one wants to vote against troops and getting them the supplies they need, so they stick it on there and if you vote against the bill, you vote against the troops,” says DeMint.
Senator Demint’s amendment may have failed on the Senate floor, but he still hopes to have gotten a message across.
“Americans just need to know that this place is out of control, that money doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Just think about this, I mean, this $100 billion that’s more than we spend at the federal level for education for a whole year, it’s more than we spend for veterans’ benefits, or for transportation. I mean, it’s a big, big figure,” says DeMint.
DeMint says he knew he would probably lose the amendment, but he wanted the Senate to hear the Republicans voice and say “enough is enough.” Senator Lindsey Graham voted in favor of DeMint’s amendment.