Vetoes overridden, Governor Sandford sues

The General Assembly quickly answered Governor Mark Sanford’s veto of parts 1-A and III of the state budget. In one afternoon, the House quickly overrode the governor and handed  the items to the other chamber.  After some dispute over how to spend remaining time in session, Senator voted 34-11 to stand by the House.
The Governor’s response was swift. A  little after 8:30 P.M., Sanford announced he would sue the General Assembly in Federal Court.
In Sanford style, his orginal veto explanation was a 33-page response  with  charts and graphs.  
In a statement, Sanford says,” We know that a suit will be filed against us on this issue, and as such we’ve filed a suit tonight in response. We believe the legislature’s end-around move on the stimulus won’t pass constitutional muster, and if it were allowed to stand it would have far reaching implications for future governors of this state and for governors of other states as well.”
The Governor is holding a press conference Thursday to address the suit.