Sessions ending "day late, dollar short" says some lawmakers

With one day left in the session, state Senators were conflicted over how to best use the time they had left to address the Governor’s vetoes or to try to resolve a few of the long list of bills that will now have to wait until next year.
Lexington’s Jake Knotts ,  in frustration, took the podium to tell his peers they are, quote, a day late and a dollar short.”
According to Knotts, “I told y’all, shortening the session is not a good thing for the people of South Carolina because it shortens what you can get done and it limits what you can get done.”
Sumter Democrat Phil Leventis also admonished fellow senators that everyone is entitled to introduce a bill but “no one is entitled to having their bill pass.”
He said, “It is presumptuous indeed to believe that, because a bill is on the calendar, it deserves passage or even debate.  It is within the purview of this body to determine that.  I always laugh when my friends tell me, ‘there is a bill under consideration in the North Carolina House to do this very thing.’  A bill under consideration doesn’t mean anything.  Only if this body, with its wisdom and deliberation, wants to pass something. So, you are entitled to your opinion, you always are, but you are not entitled to your facts.”
Thursday is the last scheduled day of the 2009 session.