Legislature adjourns…for now

The South Carolina adjourned at 8:30 Thursday evening, but plans to join the House in coming back the week of June 16th to deal with remaining issues, says President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell. Listen to Senate leaders’ parting shots
McConnell says legislative leadership is still trying to determine how they should respond to Governor Mark Sanford’s federal lawsuit against the state, and why Sanford named Attorney General Henry McMaster as the defendant.
Lexington’s Jake Knotts says that he finds it ironic that the very issue that divided the Senate over the past few days was the idea of preserving a state’s rights to stand against federal government intervention [10 Amendment State Sovereignty bill- sponsored by Spartanburg’s Lee Bright].
Now, says Knotts, “The governor¬† is trying to get the federal government to do what he’s been asking them not to do—to intervene on a state issue.”
“Doesn’t it all seem ironic?” says Knotts.