Governor Responds To Criticism

“There just have been a lot of challenges,” Governor Dave Heineman said Thursday on Nebraska Radio Network Affiliate KLIN Lincoln about the Beatrice State Development Center. “I accept that responsibility.”
The Governor appeared on KLIN’s Morning show to respond to criticism leveled by a front page editorial by the Lincoln Journal-Star Newspaper on Sunday. The editorial said the Governor needs to take the lead in solving issues with the troubled BSDC. Heineman told Jack and John, “I believe we’re in the process now of turning it around. We’ve got a lot of progress to make, we have more room for improvement, but I think we now have a commitment.”
Hundreds of reported cases of violations and mistreatment at the Center have resulted in the loss of almost $30 Million in federal funding. Governor Heineman says that loss of funding will begin sometime in the next two months and could last for a full two years.
The Governor also issued a challenge back to the Journal-Star Editorial Board, “Let’s focus on the future. Let’s focus on the positive. Let’s focus on the improvements that are being made because everyday that we continue to bash BSDC, it’s harder to us to motivate our employees, it’s harder for us to get a leadership team down there that are willing to come in and make a difference.”