Governor files suit, says lawmakers irresponsible

The fight over the stimulus money has only just begun in the state of South Carolina. The General Assembly overrode Governor Mark Sanford’s vetoes yesterday prompting the governor to file a lawsuit against the state lawmakers. The two sides are fighting over who has control of the stimulus money. Mark Sanford says only he can decide where the money goes while the General Assembly included it in their budget. Lexington Senator Jake Knotts says the time to argue over the stimulus money has passed.
“If you’re against the stimulus money, you should have been up there in Washington fussing about it when the federal government passed it,” said Knotts. “Don’t be a day late and a dollar short.”
Knotts showed his frustration with Governor Sanford saying, “Only thing I’ve got to say is we’ve got 616 days left of him.”
Senator John Scott of┬áRichland agreed with Knotts and says their was a precedent set when the state excepted federal money previously. “It’s OK for us to except federal money to pay unemployment insurance,” he said.