Virtual schools in public school choice plan

State senators OK’d a plan to expand public school choice –which includes the role of virtual schools, says Senate Education Committee Chairman John Courson:  “I think the fact that we need to give more options and we have done that and it’s improved the quality of education in South Carolina.”
South Carolina accredited, Internet-based instruction programs are cropping up all over the state—like the newest online school in the state Provost Academy.
Dr. Darrell Johnson, the executive director says this public charter high school is not only an alternative for students, but for teachers, especially those looking for work because of budget cuts.
“Our teachers online do not have to spend the time grading lots of papers. They, in turn, spend their time dealing with direct instruction with their
Johnson says the online instructor needs to be adaptable, but the pay-off is that there are few supervisory tasks, like bus or lunchroom duties.
He says they are hiring for 10 teachers plus guidance counselors and special education teachers, and they are getting hundreds of applications. Applicants have to be South Carolina certified, but they don’t have to live here.
“With the proximity of Savannah, Charlotte, Augusta, you see we can recruit the teachers who live in those states and even now work in our state,” says Johnson.”
Teachers in charter virtual schools do have to spend some scheduled time, in person, with students.