Grocery auctions save families money

A new way to save money on groceries while having fun is catching on in Union County. Preston Bennett, a licensed auctioneer, works with ‘The Rite Auction’ as they auction off restaurant quality foods at low prices. The auctions are held every second Friday of each month at 6:30 and in just one year has grown from 60 participants to over 150. Bennett explains how it works.”I have a vendor come in who specializes in restaurant quality foods,” said Bennett.
“He brings the food in in refridgerators and freezers on the back of a truck. Then he brings the items out and people bid on them and when the bidding reaching a point of a fair price on the item which is usually a good bit less than what it sells for in the retail grocery stores, then we stop the bidding
and pass out the item until theyr’e all gone.”
Bennett says just about anything you can find at a grocery store is available at the auction. “He not only has food items, he has paper products. That’s what they call dry goods,” he said. “He sells snacks. He sells Wisconsin cheeses which are really great. He sells fresh and frozen meat to include ground beef, cuts of steak, whole cuts of meat like the whole ribeye of the whole New York strip. He sells pork, chicken, (and) fish.”
The next auction will be held on June 12th. Go here for more information.