McMaster:Craigslist deadline today

Today is the deadline set by Attorney General Henry McMaster for Craigslist to remove what he says are sex-for-pay ads from their website. Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster was interviewed on Foxnews yesterday and had this to say about the changes his site has made.
“What we’re trying to do is make our site as safe as possible for our users and try to ensure that there is no inappropriate material there,” said Buckmaster.”We feel like we’ve struck the right balance with the changes we put in yesterday.”
McMaster was also on Foxnews and responded by saying Buckmaster has promised to clean up the site before saying, “Well, we don’t know. We haven’t seen the impact of it yet.
“We know back in November of ’08 there were 40 Attorneys General around the country that signed a written agreement with Mr. Buckmaster and craigslist. They promised they would take steps to clean up the site. Well since then, according to law enforcement all over the country the prostitution ads are still there. I know they are still there in South Carolina.”
McMaster says he is not the only one in South Carolina concerned about this problem. “Well, it’s not just me. It’s law enforcement in South Carolina,” said McMaster. “This is a real problem here because that is the vehicle of choice for the advertisement of prostitution ads.
“We have laws against it. We have laws against prostitution. We have laws against aiding and abetting prostitution and, of course, after the proper investigation in an appropriate case, prosecution would follow.”
McMaster says they will continue to monitor the site. “We gave them a ten-day window,” he said. “They announced just yesterday that they could do something in seven days. We are watching constantly as are other Attorneys General and, if nothing is done and progress is not made and those ads are not gone, we will continue our investigations that the sheriffs are now  undertaking and, in appropriate cases, we will prosecute.”