TV star offers "blueprint" for depression sufferers

One in five South Carolinians suffer from depression and that number is surely aggravated by things like economic worries.What happens when the blues come out of the blue? South Carolina Radio Network recently spoke with Paige Hemmis, the star of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. You might know Hemmis as the spunky blond designer who improves lives and brings joy to families. But there was a time –in the middle of a successful series–when she experienced exhaustion, sadness, and withdrawal from her job.
She explains, “Because I was helping these families with these dire situations and I almost felt guilty that I was having these kinds of depression because i thought well my life is good I have no reason to complain so I almost kept it inside longer just because I felt like I had no right to feel this way. ”
Hemmis says, that like an important project, it starts with a plan, or as she says, a blueprint.
” When dealing with depression in a treatment plan its so important to find whatever blueprint works for you and it might be different for every person even within your life it might change but just getting that conversation open with your doctor and starting on that plan I think its a important thing. ”
To offer help, Hemmis has launched a free website called
Hemmis says, ” I’m not alone there are so many people going through it too and its so many resources that are out there. “