Rep. Haley wants to be governor

Lexington County representative Nikki Haley says she will seek the Republican nomination for governor. She would be the state’s first female governor.
The Republican says South Carolina citizens will appreciate who she is.  “I’m the daughter of parents who grew up in India and had a great life but came to the U.S. with $8 to make a better life for their family.  They taught us everyday the blessings of what it’s like to live like in this country.  I’m the sister of a man who fought in Desert Storm and I wondered if he would make it home.  I’m a mother of a husband who walked out the door in military uniform and he loved his job.  And I’m the mother of two children in public school and I wonder what they’re going  to grow up to be.” 
Haley says of all the legislation she has supported in the statehouse, she is most proud of on-the-record voting, which does away with voice votes on financial issues and requires lawmakers to attach their names to their votes.   “As of last year, 92 percent of the votes passed out of the House were not on the record.  99 percent of those passed out of the Senate were not on the record.  I think that you should be able to see exactly what the people you elect are doing and communicate with them so that they do things the right way.” 
Governor Sanford says Haley is a “terrific” candidate.  She was named “Friend of the Taxpayer” this year by the South Carolina Association of Taxpayers and was dubbed “Taxpayers’ Hero” in 2005 by Sanford. 
Haley joins several others seeking the nomination to secede Sanford in 2010. Rep. Gresham Barrett. State Sen. Larry Grooms and Furman University Professor Brent Nelson have all announced. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer and Attorney General Henry McMaster have not made announcements but have indicated an interest.