Another GOP candidate announces he will run for governor

Berkeley Senator Larry Grooms joins U.S. Representative Gresham Barrett and Furman University political scientist Brent Nelson in a run for the 2010 GOP gubernatorial race. Grooms says he received nothing but positive feedback from his exploratory committee he formed weeks ago.
“After meeting with many interesting folks across the state, the message is coming back the same. We’re worried, and they said ‘ya know what, you should run, I’ll be with you,'” says Grooms.
Grooms says he supports Governor Sanford for his fiscal conservatism, and he wants to “set the wheels in motion” that the governor has already started rolling. He says although some may fault the governor, Grooms commends Sanford’s leadership.
“I think they are looking for a governor that will lead, someone that will get out of their comfort zone and not buckle under pressure. Governor Sanford is absolutely correct on many issues and he hasn’t buckled under pressure, and I think that’s what the folks in the state are looking for, someone who’s not going to buckle under pressure,” says Grooms.
Grooms is expected to make the announcement formal in the near future. Lt. Governor Andre Bauer and Attorney General Henry McMaster are also expected to run for governor.