Airmen at Shaw Air Force Base gear up for inspection

Residents of Sumter, and surronding areas, may notice a bit of a shake up in the skies over the next few days.
As a team of airmen from the 20th Fighter Wing get ready for a final inspection on the grounds of Shaw Air Force Base, also called Base X, residents should be aware of the war exercises the base is conducting to gear the airmen up if they were to be called out to duty.
These exercises will simulate air crashes, explosions, and ground attacks, placing the airmen in mock war-time situations. Spokesperson 2nd Lt. Emily Chilson says it’s all part of an ORI, Operational Readiness Inspection, for these airmen to go through the course of the release of chemical agents, and mock suicide bombings.
The Inspector General is expected to be at the Shaw Air Force Base in June to see how ready the airmen are for air combat command.